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  1. Q: May I bring in my pet’s favorite toy for her to play with while I’m away?

    A: Toys, meals, and bedding are all provided free of charge to all of our guests, but please feel free to bring any items that will help your pet to enjoy their stay with us. All personal items will be marked with permanent ink, and please keep in mind that even well behaved pets will occasionally become destructive in a new environment. Sometimes leaving an expensive bed or toy at home is a treat for your dog or cat to look forward to after a stay with us.

  2. Q: Can I call to see how my pet is doing while I’m away?

    A: Absolutely! All of our guests are carefully monitored at all times, and we will be happy to let you know how your pet is getting along.

  3. Q: I tried calling during your regular business hours, but I got your answering machine. Isn’t someone there to answer the phone?

    A: Every effort is made to be available to help our human clients, but the pets come first! If for any reason you are unable to immediately get through to our staff on the telephone, it is because we are temporarily busy seeing to our canine and feline guests. All messages left will be returned at the soonest opportunity.

  4. Q: You say that the Las Vegas Pet Resort is "cage free," but don’t the dogs sleep in kennels?

    A: At most boarding facilities each dog is placed in a small fenced-in run, and left there for the duration of their stay (unless you pay extra for a 20 minute "exercise time," often on leash in a small yard). For well-socialized dogs this is completely unnecessary. Even veterinary facilities that offer boarding services usually keep dogs and cats in metal cages, taking them outside on leash only for as long as it takes to "relieve" them. For pets that require close medical supervision, such as post-operative patients, this is often the best type of place for them to stay.

    Here at the Las Vegas Pet Resort, our guests spend their days in large play areas, and sleep in their own individual kennels or Kitty Condos. This allows us to carefully monitor their relieving habits, and lets them know that at the end of the day they still have a private place to rest and relax. Our guests also receive all of their meals in their private kennels. This gives them the chance to eat without having to worry about protecting their food from anyone else.

  5. Q: How far ahead of time should I make a reservation for my pet to board with you?

    A: Give us a call as soon as you’ve made plans to be away. It’s not unusual for boarding facilities to be booked up as far as six months ahead of time for holidays, but for the remainder of the year usually only a few days’ notice is needed.

  6. Q: I’m supposed to come pick up my dog today, but I’m going to be a little late. Will there be someone there to help me after you’ve closed for the day?

    A: After we close the office for the day, our answering machine is turned on, the office staff goes home, and the doors are locked for the night. The only people here after hours are here specifically to monitor the safety of our guests. Any guest that is scheduled to depart but is still here at closing time will have the pleasure of staying with us an extra night, and any additional boarding charges will be added.

  7. Q: What if my dog won’t relieve himself indoors?

    A: It might be a good idea to have your dog stay with us for a day of Day Care so that we can see if he’ll be comfortable boarding with us for a longer period of time. His relieving habits will be closely monitored and we’ll let you know how he did. Dogs are very social animals and learn by watching other dogs; when your dog sees our other guests relieving themselves, he’ll probably get the idea right away.

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